Ecological Criteria

Ethik – Eco Fashion Hub aims to offer you, our customers, products that are effective, trustworthy, and reliable. All products that we feature are harmless to human health and other living things. We also ensure that our products adhere to the social, environmental, and economic sustainability standards. In order to do that we use the following criteria to make sure our standards are met:


All brands that we feature must be proven safe for adult or children use. Product usage should not impose danger to human health and all living things. Also, the production of raw materials should not involve human interference with nature.


All materials used in the production of the brands we feature must be ethically and legally obtained from other countries. Also, all materials should be legally allowed in our country. Organic products should adhere to the standards designed to make natural production.


All brands that we feature must be made of 100% natural resources. Product testing is an important phase of production; through testing, consumers will understand what the products can do. All products must be tested, but no person, animal, or any living thing should be harmed during production and testing.


We also want to make sure that the people behind our featured products are fairly treated. Labor rights and labor rules and regulations must be strictly followed. We firmly believe that our workforce is the backbone of any organization, and we owe them each achievement and success. That is why we have to make sure that employees are fairly compensated for their contribution.