How to Look Good in a T-Shirt

Today, not only does having an exceptional personality makes you stand out the crowd but also a striking sense of custom t shirts Canada designs does; in fact, you cannot have the former without the latter. Even when you’re just wearing your typical t-shirt, it would look nicer and better if you know how to wear it.

T-shirts have been a global trend for more than a decade now and have seen constant updates by enchanting new designs on custom T-shirts as well as branded ones. They get their name because of their structure which resembles the alphabet “T”.

They are comfort and fashion all in one place, where they highlight your body features the best in all the clothing. Therefore, they require keen attention just like any other clothing material you have in your wardrobe.

If you’re the t-shirt kind of person, here are some tips and tricks to further enhance your appearance when wearing one.


The most imperative feature in a T-shirt is its fitting. If the T-shirt is too body-hugging or wobbly, it will not look good on your body features, making it a bad choice. Thus, buy those T-shirts which fit you the best and accentuates your body features.

T-shirts should always be half an inch more than your waist from both sides too. For men, a T-shirt which highlights their masculinity is more of a choice that is why even after buying a T-shirt, they move towards custom T-shirts.

Also, focus on the shoulders, sleeves, neck, and length of your T-shirt as these are key to a perfectly fitting T-shirt.


The next thing on your checklist should be the color. Choose a color that suits your complexion to glorify your personality. White color is universal and can be used on any complexion.

Light colored T-shirts are more attractive to females as reported by a survey done on women who found white colored T-shirts more attractive to men.

Dark-colored T-shirts such as black are also very classy and can be worn with any skin tone, but they become difficult to bear on sunny days, especially when at noontime. Wearing colors like navy blue or brown etc. is comparatively a good choice.


The third precedence you should set is the elegance of the T-shirt. What you have to focus on is that the style you are picking is according to the ethics set by society. Know where you are wearing it and wear it according to the occasion.

The style should also match your build. If you are a big man with a lot of muscle in your arms and midsection, then you need a T-shirt that does not have many strains and casing. On the other hand, if you are a thin person and are trying to hide your slender body with your T-shirt, make sure you choose a custom T-shirt with some detailing and nice stitching.

While wearing t-shirts may be mundane to some, there are actually ways wherein you can maximize this. That’s why it’s important to know what your body type is and what kinds of t-shirts work well with your frame. In this way, you’ll look your best.

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