Ethik – Eco Fashion Hub is a digital media platform that aims to promote environmental awareness to the people. Our founder, Caroline Wilson, is an award-winning journalist and TV personality.

Caroline believes that we all should take a step towards a greener lifestyle. We all should aim to live healthy while being mindful about our environment. As humans, we should learn to live without destroying the balance of nature. We all should make an effort to maintain harmony in the circle of life.

Our organization aims to help consumers make an informed decision about their daily purchase and consumption.

Our promise is to give our customers realistic and factual information about all the brands that we feature.

The stories that we feature are first-hand information that gives consumers an eye-opening realization of what a better planet can we live in if we choose to make a difference.

We are very passionate about what we do, and we promise to help you find affordable, fashionable, and sustainable alternatives by giving you the resources that you need.