Founder and Editor

Hello! I am Caroline Wilson. I know that you are browsing through Ethik – Eco Fashion Hub because you have the same goal as us, and that is to raise awareness about the predicament of our planet.

Our planet is such a wonderful place to live in, although it is sad that as we continue to progress and adapt to the everchanging demands of consumers, we ended up destroying it.

I created this website with the goal to help consumers make a well-informed decision on the products and services they use. I highly encourage using sustainable products because they don’t interfere with nature. Also, I want to raise awareness of living a healthy and green life.

It does not matter if you have started to make a difference or just beginning. We know for a fact that lifestyle and routine cannot be changed overnight, but your gradual shift can start to make a difference.

Here at Ethik – Eco Fashion, you will find brands and companies that are one with our goal. We are determined to make a difference. We will educate each other about the choices we have in living healthy and in keeping our planet healthy.

We are ready to take each step with you.