Canadian Fashion Designers Who Support Sustainable Fashion

It is nice to know that in the fashion industry, many designers choose to support sustainable fashion. Here are some fashion designers who share the same passion as us.

Elizabeth Elwood

Elizabeth Elwood decided to be an advocate of sustainable fashion by winning at an eco-fashion show that featured recycled denim. She was inspired to design eco-friendly clothes due to the benefits of eco fabrics. She launched her eco-chic SS18 collection that is made of one of the most sustainable fabrics – Tencel.

Olivia Rubens

Olivia designs her sustainable clothes by using natural dyeing, novel upcycling techniques, hand painting, and screen printing.  Sustainability is the core of all her designs.

Padina Bondar

She started her journey as a designer, making custom-made wedding gowns and dresses. Today, all her gowns are made to represent social and ethical issues. She continues to advance her skills by practicing other couture techniques that embody her Iranian cultural roots.

Tanya Theberge

Tanya Theberge is one of the fashion designers who stands firm about sustainable fashion. She was one of the first who took a step towards moving away from the damaging practices of fashion. Tanya personally travels to Haiti to see how the fabric used for her collection is made. She is happy to share that most materials are made of recycled water bottles.

Many don’t know that fashion contributes a lot to choking our planet, and most of us don’t realize that this is costing us more than we know.

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