Secrets for a Glowing Skin for all Seasons

It is a known fact that your skin changes depending on the season, and everyone dreams of having glowing skin all year round. The good news is, great skin can easily be achieved if you know to care for your skin.

A traditional Chinese medicine doctor puts an emphasis on a harmonious human life. Harmonious life results in healthy well-being and sustainability. The same principle applies to your skin.

We have prepared this short guide to help you familiarize the properties of your skin and how to care for it.


Winter is associated with water. During this season, too much wind and cold will make your skin dry. During this time, your skin needs a lot of moisture, calming, and nurturing. You may need the following:

  • Moisturizing oils: avocado, borage, and jojoba
  • Supplements: vitamins B5 and E, omega-3 fats, and probiotics
  • Natural Healers: green tea, aloe, and calendula


Spring is associated with wood, and it is during this season where your skin becomes dull. Due to that, spring is the right time to re-energize your skin to get rid of sallowness. The following can help you with that:

  • Moisturizing oils: avocado, jojoba, and grape seed
  • Supplements: zinc and vitamin B complex
  • Natural healers: lavender, yarrow, rose


Summer is aligned with fire. Too much heat on your skin makes it oily and may clog your pores. During this season, you need to cool down and soothe your skin with the help of these products:

  • Moisturizing oils: jojoba and grape seed
  • Supplements: zinc and vitamin B3
  • Natural healers: orange, lemon, cedarwood, and vetiver


Autumn is aligned with metal. This season is the best time for a detox which can help improve circulation and prepare the skin for winter. This is also the time when your skin will need an anti-aging regimen.

  • Moisturizing oils: almond, cocoa butter, rosehip, apricot
  • Supplements: zinc and selenium
  • Natural healers: rose, green tea, and marigold

The last element is earth which is central to all the other elements. If the earth element is harmonious, then all the other elements can maintain their balance. Taking care of your skin throughout the year is very important, and with this guide, sustainable glowing skin is easy to achieve.

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